Logo Designs

Toy House

Toy House is a children toy store appealing to toddlers and young kids. 

The logo’s design is based on rounded wide shapes and basic colors that represents the simplicity of youth. 


Tonkotsu is a Ramen restaurant focus on producing authentic Japanese ramen.

“Tonkotsu” is the foreign translation of the Japanese word for “Pork Belly”. Pork Belly is one of the important ingredients in creating authentic Japanese ramen.

The logo was based on traditional stamp imprint used in Japan. The character in the stamp is the Japanese Kanji for “Pork”. These design elements brings a sense of tradition to their business brand.


A jewelry store that speaks class. Noble Jewelry aims to create quality jewelry that is accessible to the common people.

The design is based on a diamond ring surrounded by patterns that were found on royal attires or furniture. The N insignia within the ring creates a touch of sophistication. 

Pacific Calm

Pacific Calm is a gym and spa focused on women’s health and pacific coast lifestyle. 

The logo design uses the concept of the pacific coast ocean wave and heart for health. The elements chosen to represent refreshed health.


Brew is a coffee & tea house where young adults can enjoy their favorite drinks while studying for the next exam or just having a relaxing time with friends. 

The logo is an illustrative design combining coffee bean and tea leaves relaxing in a steaming cup like a sauna.


Digitech is a startup company selling tech merchandises. 

The logo is based on microchips and digitize designs. Technology is very geometrical, which is why many of the design elements uses angles or straight lines and geometric shapes.